black noise/kraut /psych rock Swedish collective with David Sabel, Hannes Nilsson, Anna Von Hausswolff, Filip Leyman, Gianluca Grasselli and Christoffer Darshed.

Band with Helena Engarås, Petrus Fredestad, Magdalena Ågren and Pontus Torstensson,

Trapped in a loop
Electronic and acoustic duo with Richard Widerberg and Magdalena Ågren

is a collaboration between MAG and the textile and interaction designer Mika Satomi. The project aims to develop a new instrument with the help of smart textiles in the form of a Costume that will be used in MAGs new performance.

Trapper is a collaboration between the band Trapped in a Loop and the textile and interaction designer Mika Satomi. 

Sound performance made of trash at the art festival HUX FLUX GÖTEBORG


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