En Fis i Rymden 2 Dec 2022 Releases at Surplus Recordings 



The 8 of Oktober 2016 MAGs album Magnitude was finally released on LP and CD by Surplus Recording together with Zeon light skiva.  You can listen to the album and order it as LP, CD and digital download from or



MAG`s Magnitude was released on a the format “PIG” by Surplus Recordings
Nov 2015 (Limited edition of 65 pigs.)
Look at the Pig Gallery at Surplus Recordings and order your personal pig
with the download code to MAG`s music from
If you already purchased a pig you can download with the code(with password) here.


MAG tape released on ( ( k a s s e t t b o l a g e t ) ) SOLD OUT!
A Swedish review, by Martin Herterich, on the website “Ny Musik För Hållbar Utveckling”

Compilation tape released at Utmarken

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